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Kevin writes frequently about topics related to M&A, family businesses, business owners and preparing companies for sale.

St.Louis Business Journal
Record M&A means serious business for dealmakers, January 2016
Meet the Experts, December 2015

Wyoming Business Tips
A weekly look at Wyoming business questions from the Wyoming Small Business Development Center (WSBDC), part of WyomingEntrepreneur.Biz, a collection of business assistance programs at the University of Wyoming., April 24, 2015

Growing by Acquisition
When looking to expand by acquiring another RV dealership, experts say dealers need to size up the compatibility of the seller’s business operations, personnel and culture., 4/9/15

Expert Beacon
How to Effectively Go About Selling the Family Business, 2/2/15
Things to Consider if Thinking About Selling the Family Business, 12/15/14

Business Interviews
Why do similar companies sell at wildly divergent prices?, 1/20/15

The Price of Business
Who You Know or What You Know in Sales?, 10/13/14

The Money Answers Show

Host: Jordan Goodman
Date: 11/27/2017
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Sound Financial Bites

Host: Paul Adams
Date: 4/18/2017
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Critical Mass Radio Show

Host: Richard (Ric) Franzi
Date: 1/3/2017
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Business Insanity Radio

Host: Barry Moltz
Date: 9/9/2016
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Savvy Business Radio

Host: Christina Nitschmann
Date: 10/13/2016
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You’re The Boss Blog
The New York Times, 10/27/14
The New York Times, 10/22/2014

What’s to come: Is 2015 the year of the acquisition?
St. Louis Business Journal, 10/17/2014

Does Competitive Advantage Matter?
St. Louis Business Journal, 6/20/2014

“Toto, I Have A Feeling We’re Not In Kansas Anymore.”
St. Louis Business Journal, 3/3/2014

Read between the lines: M&A statistics: the rest of the story
St. Louis Business Journal, 01/10/14

2014: The Year of the Acquisition
St. Louis Business Journal, 11/15/2013